All Cuyahoga County Executive departments and agencies, with the exception of some public safety and emergency offices, will be closed Friday, December 26, 2014. Please use our contact list to check if the agency/department you are trying to reach is open on December 26.

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The Cuyahoga County Office of Procurement & Diversity (OPD) is responsible for the procurement of equipment, materials, supplies, construction and services for all of the County departments, agencies, and elected officials in a manner which is cost effective and in compliance with the laws of the State of Ohio and the policies and ordinances of Cuyahoga County.  OPD implements formal and informal bidding procedures for items covered by competitive bidding policies, ordinances, and laws. 

In addition to competitive bidding, other types of procurement are processed, such as sole source and emergency purchases.  Records of purchases, bids, vendor listings and sales of surplus property are maintained by the division.  The Office of Procurement & Diversity also has the responsibility of monitoring purchases to ensure compliance with County policies, administering the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program, and processing action items for approval by the various County contracting authorities.

Notices and Contracts Search

Inspector General Contractor & Lobbyist Ethics Training Registration

Cuyahoga County, in collaboration with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Ohio, presents Contractor & Lobbyist Ethics Training. more...

What is Cuyahoga County Purchasing?

Weekly spreadsheets of County Purchase Orders.

Who Approves what Cuyahoga County Purchases?

The Contracts and Purchasing Board reviews purchases and other contracts from $500 through $100,000

The Board of Control reviews purchases and other contracts above $100,000 through $500,000
The County Council reviews purchases and other contracts above $500,000

The Independent Contract/Worker Acknowledgment Form

*Per the Cuyahoga County Law Department,  Cuyahoga County is required to notify vendors that if they work/have worked in the role of Independent Contractor/Worker, the attached form is required to be completed and submitted to the Office of Procurement and Diversity 1219 Ontario Street (Room 110) Cleveland, Ohio 44113.

Cuyahoga County Cooperative Purchasing

Cuyahoga County –Cooperative Purchasing Program (“Piggyback Contracting”) 

Cooperative Purchasing Information

Political Subdivision Authorization Form

Other Information


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