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Procurement of Supplies, Equipment, Services and Construction Between $1,000.00 - $25,000.00*

*When Federal Funds are awarded, the dollar range is $1,000.00 - $10,000.00.

Informal, Competitive Bids 

Via Mail
Requests for purchase of supplies, equipment, services and construction are submitted to the Office of Procurement and Diversity, and are identified by the appropriate class/item.  

The time period in which vendors have to receive, review and submit an ITB (Invitation to Bid) which has been mailed to them is approximately 10 calendar days.  Vendors must be registered with the Office of Procurement & Diversity in order to automatically receive ITB's.  Any vendor who is not registered but who learns of the ITB via the posting in the Office of Procurement & Diversity may also bid; however, in order to receive ITB's in the mail for subsequent bids the vendor must complete an approved application.  All ITB's are issued and distributed by the Office of Procurement & Diversity.

Any vendor not responding to three consecutive ITB's received in the mail shall be removed from the Office of Procurement & Diversity's registered list for that particular commodity class/item.

Vendors who desire to bid must complete the ITB as specified.  General terms and conditions, special instructions, and the technical specifications of the item are detailed in the ITB.  ITB's must be returned by each bidder to the Office of Procurement & Diversity via mail or delivery to the Office of Procurement & Diversity by the identified date and time.

Bids are opened, tabulated, and reviewed by the Office of Procurement & Diversity buyers and the user department, if appropriate and approved by the Purchasing Manager.  Ties among low bidders are decided by casting lots.  

Via Phone or Fax
The Office of Procurement & Diversity shall consider the following factors when determining items to be solicited on a competitive basis via telephone quotations (as opposed to mail bids) from at least 3 registered vendors:

  • Urgency of need;  including delivery time.
  • Number of registered vendors available to provide the item.
  • Past record of individual user departments in requesting urgent or special consideration.  

Via Field Buyer
Authorized Department/Agency personnel (Field Buyers) are authorized to make purchases of services, supplies and equipment not to exceed $25,000.00 for any single purchase.  The Field Buyer, appointed by the department director, has the responsibility for the efficient procurement of supplies, services and equipment within the limits established by Cuyahoga County as set forth in the current Purchasing Policies and Procedures.