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Procurement of Supplies Over $25,000

Formal, Competitive Bids

Requests for purchases of supplies, equipment, services and construction are submitted by individual departments of the elected officials to the Office of Procurement and Diversity and are identified by the appropriate class/item.

The request is submitted to Cuyahoga County  which by formal resolution, authorizes the advertising for bids.

A notice to bidders, or "legal notice", is published in a newspaper for general circulation (The Plain Dealer) for a minimum of two weeks indicating the item to be bid, the bid due date, and other terms and conditions.

The notice is also posted in the Office of Procurement & Diversity for purchases of supplies, equipment and services.  Invitations to Bid (or notices of ITB's, as appropriate) are sent to all vendors registered with the Office of Procurement & Diversity in the appropriate category.  Any vendor who is not registered but who learns of the ITB via legal notice or posting in the Office of Procurement & Diversity may also bid; however, in order to receive ITB's in the mail for subsequent bids, the vendor must complete an approved application.  Any vendor not responding to three consecutive ITB's received in the mail shall be removed from the Office of Procurement & Diversity registered list for that particular commodity class/item.

Notices to bid are not sent for construction projects.  Vendors wishing to bid on construction projects may either review the posting board located in the Office of Procurement & Diversity or visit one of the following construction news services:  Builders Exchange, F.W. Dodge and Ohio Construction News.

Vendors who desire to bid must complete the ITB as specified.  General terms and conditions, special instructions, and the technical specifications of the item are detailed in the ITB.  The ITB may specify a prebid conference which all bidders are encouraged to attend.

ITB's must be returned by each bidder to the Office of Procurement & Diversity Buyers. The OPD Contract Compliance Officers, and the user department review the ITB's for responsiveness.  A recommendation is made to the Cuyahoga County to make the award to the lowest and best bidder.  An analysis is prepared by the Office of Procurement & Diversity to determine which bids may be considered based on the price and SBE participation. 

The award recommendation is made at the Cuyahoga County public meeting.  Ties among low bidders are decided by casting lots.